COVID-19  Safety Protocol Summary

Masks & Social Distancing of at least 6 ft. apart is required while at Mill Creek Optimist soccer fields.  Masks are required by EVERYONE when going to and from the fields and while moving around the facilities.  Masks, gaitors, bandanas, or other face coverings are acceptable.

Players may remove their masks while engaged in active practice and games.  All players (subs) on the sideline must maintain 6 ft. distance.  During games, subs are not required to wear masks during water breaks if they are 6 ft. apart.  Masks should be worn at any other time on the sideline.  Benches will NOT be available for use.  Players may bring lawn chairs.  No team huddles nor group celebrations are allowed.  (This includes the practice of high-fives and “good game” hand shakes at the end of the game.)

Spectators should respect a 6 ft. distance on the sidelines between family units.  Spectators should refrain from grouping together to socialize before, during, or after games/practices.

Coaches must wear masks unless at least 6 ft. from any other individual.  (This includes other coaches/assistants.)  Coaches may use the bench area for team equipment if needed.  No team huddles are allowed.

Referees should practice social distancing on the sidelines in the referee area.  Referees are required to wear masks to, from, and between fields, also during field inspection, while checking in teams, during the captains’ meeting, and any time they are within 6 ft. of a player or coach for instruction or communication.  Referees are not required to wear masks during the game play but should keep a mask in their pocket in case it is needed.

Please monitor your players and yourselves prior to coming to the fields.

  •   Anyone not feeling well or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should stay home.
  •   Anyone who has been tested for COVID-19 and waiting on results should stay home.
  •   Anyone who has been placed under quarantine or isolation should stay home.
  •   Anyone who has knowingly been in contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19 should stay home.

These are a summary of the current protocols in place.  Please see the document below for more comprehensive details regarding the COVID-19 safety measures. 

COVID-19 safety protocols

Please see below for the CDC list of COVID-19 symptoms.