Why Soccer?

Soccer is fun for boys and girls of all backgrounds and abilities.  

Soccer is a Great Game for Children of All Ages

It’s aerobic.  Throughout a soccer game, players are constantly in motion, running from one area of the field to another.  Exercising has physical and psychological benefits.  Children who play soccer regularly are developing the habit of incorporating routine exercise into their lives.

It’s cooperative.  Because passing the ball is essential to success in both offense and defense, players must communicate well and be consistently mindful of their team members’ whereabouts on the field.

Everyone Gets Involved

It’s inclusive.  Children of any age and varying ability can enjoy the game.  In the United States alone, over 40 million children and young people participate in soccer.

It’s truly a team sport.  Soccer can be a less-pressured sport for children than baseball, for instance, in which the individual skill of batters and pitchers is constantly on display.  Soccer is particularly appealing to kids who may not have superior athletic ability, but who enjoy participating in team sports.

It teaches social coping skills.  Soccer is a team sport that focuses highly on group participation and working together as a team.  Playing soccer can teach children good sportsmanship:  how to successfully handle challenges llike winning and losing in competition; striving to be your best; and getting along with kids of varying backgrounds and temperaments.

What are the Benefits?

Physical benefits: 

* Cardiovascular endurance
Muscle strength
* Flexibility 
* Coordination 
* Balance

Developmental Benefits:

* Discipline 
* Teamwork
* Fairness