Picture Day on August 29


Picture Day

Saturday, August 29

Saturday is our Picture Day. The pictures will be taken outside since the forecast is for beautiful weather that day. The exact location needs to be determined, but look for a canopy.

On the schedule we listed an “Arrive by” time. This is so everyone on your team is there and ready to go when it is your team’s official picture time.

Arrive by… Team Game Time*
8:15 U6 Sky Blue 9:30
8:25 U6 Lime 9:30
8:35 U8 Navy Blue 9:30
8:45 U8 Lavender 9:30
8:55 U10 Yellow 9:30
9:05 U10 Neon Blue 9:30
9:30 U6 Daisy 10:45
9:40 U6 Purple 10:45
9:50 U8 Teal 10:45
10:00 U8 Gold 10:45
10:10 U10 Forest Green 10:45
10:20 U10 Maroon 10:45
10:45 U4 Blue n/a
10:55 U4 Orange n/a
11:05 U4 Green n/a
11:15 U4 Red n/a
11:25 Mill Creek Maniacs n/a
11:40 Mill Creek Monsters 3:30 PM
11:55 Mill Creek Mustangs 1:30 PM
12:10 Mill Creek Maddogs 4:00 PM

It would be helpful if you had your picture form ready to go when you arrive. However, the photographer will have extras just in case you misplace yours between now and then.

Sometimes the information sheet for the photographer can be confusing. The best value is Package #4C, which is the basic package (individual picture and a team picture on one sheet, suitable for framing) for only $13. (Included is a free magnet and 8×10.)  To view the form clik on :  Picture Order Form.

We realize that not everyone will want to purchase an individual picture. However, it is nice for the coaches to have a complete team picture. So, if you decide not to get an individual picture, please come and allow your child to be included in the team picture at no cost.

For the Rec Division, after your pictures are complete, head on over/down to your field for the game. As soon as both teams arrive, the game can begin. That way, you are not having to wait around too long.

Payment is due on Picture Day. Checks are accepted and should be made out to Jackie Norio.


Registration for the Fall opens June 20th

We realize that just a short time ago we were wrapping up the Spring season. However, it is time to start planning for Fall soccer!

Registration ends early for this season!
Don’t wait until the last minute!

Online Registration: This season we are excited to be using a new program, Blue Sombrero, for our online registration! We tried this program for our adult summer league and it worked wonderfully. We hope that you’ll try the new program, which will open on June 20. To register online, simply go to http://sports.bluesombrero.com/Default.aspx?tabid=791286 and click “Register” at the top right corner. You can then create an account for your family and add all of your players as participants. Once all of your players are added, you can select the program available for each player. Here are some things to remember…

#1: You can only sign-up the players for the correct age level.
#2: There is a place that you can list special requests such as a coach request or teammate request. These requests will be reviewed by the board. The board will try to honor each request, but it is not guaranteed.
#3: After you register online, you will receive an email from Blue Sombrero indicating that you have signed up as well as the amount that you paid or owe. For this season, you will also receive an email from us letting you know that your registration was received. If you think you’ve registered, but didn’t get either of these two emails, you may want to contact us!
#4: You will be asked to sign-up to volunteer. There are a few areas to choose from. Please choose a couple of areas, though, just in case you don’t get chosen for one of the areas.
#5: Once you have made all the necessary selections for each child playing, payment can be made using a credit card or check. If you decide to pay by check, please remember that your registration is not complete until your check has been received. Your registration will only be held for one week. If payment is not received by that time, the registration will be moved to a waitlist.

In-person registration: We will still hold an in-person registration this season for those who do not feel comfort using the online regisration form. There are only two dates! However, we hope you would try the online registration form, first. :o)

These in-person registrations will be held at the Clayton Library on the following dates/times:

Sat., July 11 from 9-noon
Thurs., July 16 from 5:30-8pm

Last Day to Register: July 16 is “officially” the final day to register! Registrations will be accepted after that time only if there is still room on a current team. However, after July 16th all registrations MUST be completed online with a credit card payment. Any registration received after July 20th will automatically be charged a $10 late fee.

Registration ends early!
Don’t wait until the last minute!

Important Rec Plus FYI’s!

Last season, our club instituted a ‘waitlist’ policy for our Rec Plus division:
#1: If there are more than one team in a division, each team has a minimum and maximum number of players: U12 teams must have at least 10 players but no more than 14; U14 teams must have at least 14 players but no more than 18 players.
#2: As players sign-up, when the limit for one team has been reached, the registration software will notify you that you have been placed on a waitlist. When enough players sign-up to fill the minimum for two teams, the players will be moved off the waitlist.
#3: So, don’t be alarmed if you are notified that you are on a waitlist. We will do what we can to ensure every U12 and U14 player who signs up gets to play. However, we cannot make any guarantees. It will all depend upon the number of players that sign up.
o For instance, when the 19th player sign-ups for our U14 division, that player will be notified that he/she is placed on a waitlist.
o In the worst case scenario, let’s say we don’t get any more players to register for the U14 division. Unfortunately, the 19th player would not be able to participate on the team for the season.
#4: Placement on a team solely depends on the date/time for online registrations or the date the registration form is received. Our club does not accept players based on tryouts, skill or recruiting procedures.
#5: Registrations without payment are only held for seven (7) days. If payment is not received within seven (7) days, the registration gets taken off the list and placed on the waitlist. Once payment is received, it will be relisted with the date the payment was received.
#6: Each Fall, our club offers a High School or U19 division, for those players that according to the age chart are too “old” for the U14 division or for those players that are in high school that don’t want to play for the high school teams. The past few years we haven’t had a U19 division in the fall because of the number of players that play for the High School. So, if we don’t get enough players for a separate division, we can place three U15 players (Players that are 14 by July 31) on our U14 team for the Fall season. (Placement is still based on the initial date/time the registration is received.)
#7: For players older than 14, if we don’t get enough players for a U19 division, players will be notified and the registration fee will be refunded.

Other FYI’s for the Rec Plus division:
#1: All of our Rec Plus players will be receiving a new jersey this year, so there will not be a uniform discount this season.
#2: Also, because of receiving new uniforms, the players may list a “preferred” jersey number. If available or not requested previously, we will be happy to honor the request. :o)

Registration ends early for the Fall season!
Don’t wait until the last minute!

FINALLY: If you have any questions regarding the new online program or registration, please contact us. More information about the upcoming fall season will be posted on our website: www.millcreeksoccerclub.org

Hope to see you this Fall!
Angel Chattin
MCOSC Registrar

Summer Clinics and Camp

This next week (Monday, June 22 – Wednesday, June 24) our soccer club is offering a couple of clinics, which are listed below.  Also, our new online registration program will open on Saturday, June 20th, for the Fall season.  However, you’ll get more information about that tomorrow or Friday.

Summer Camp:  Ages 4-9 (6-8 PM)

The Girls High School Soccer team has organized a summer soccer camp for our young players, ages 4-9, next week on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 6-8 (Rain or Shine!).  If it is raining, the camp will be inside the Cadet Center.  Please have your player bring a ball, water/drink, sun screen, bug spray, and shin guards.
The girls have a lot of fun things planned, so hope you can join us for a few days of fun and soccer.  The cost is only $20.  (Checks should be made out to the Keeper’s Club.)

MCOSC Summer Soccer Clinic (6:30 pm)

This training clinic is for players, ages 10-14 (U12-U14 divisions). Coaches have worked to design a camp that will prepare the players for the tactical demands and the specific ball skills necessary for the U12 & U14 division.

The objective is to create a highly competitive training environment, to get the most out of each player. This is the very same approach used by several soccer training systems around the country.

Players are trained in the proper techniques for shooting, heading, serving, dribbling, defending and passing. They are then put into highly competitive scenarios like games, 4v4, 1v1 and more to develop these techniques under pressure. They are evaluated by coaches throughout the clinic and provided with comprehensive feedback about their performance.

U12 Division:  Instructor, James Hilton; U14 Division:  Instructor, Chris Shearier


*****Please R.S.V.P if you plan to attend******


This way, if it storms, rains, etc., the coaches can get a hold of you.

Summer Soccer Camp

The Girls High School Soccer team is organizing a Summer Soccer Camp on Monday, June 22 through Wednesday, June 24, from 6-8 PM.  Three fun-filled days at the soccer fields. The cost is only $20.
The summer camp is geared towards players 4-9.  However, if you have a child, ages 10-15, that would like to participate those evenings, we will have a separate training clinic.  If you want more information on those training clinics, just let me know.
Hope you can join us even with the short notice.  The camp will go on rain or shine.  If it is raining, the camp will hopefully take place in the Cadet Center. Otherwise, with nice sunny weather, we’ll be at the soccer field.
Please have your child wear shin guards and bring a ball, drinks, a snack (if needed), bug spray, and a cool rag to help cool off.  Also, don’t forget to have your child wear sunscreen.
You do not need to register ahead of time, but if you know you are coming, please let us know — an email is enough notification.  You can fill out the “online” registration form attached and email it back to us, or simply print out the registration form and bring with you on Monday, June 22.
Also, registration for the Fall season will open on Saturday, June 20th.  Details will be sent out on Monday.  :o)
Hope to see you at the fields!
Melissa Phillips
MCOSC Director

Registrations “Officially” closed. However!!!

Registrations are “officially” closed for the season. However, we do have a few spots in some of our divisions. If you are wanting to sign-up your child for this season, please contact our registrar, Angel Chattin (539-3357) to see if there is still room.

As of March 11th, here is an overview of the status of the divisions:



U8 – Available

U10 – Available


U14 – Available

U19 – 1 SPOT AVAILABLE. However, due to IHSAA rules, we do not have an opening if the player played on the Cascade High School boys soccer team this past fall.

Additional Registration Date!

Because our last in-person registration date was cancelled due to snow, we have setup one more registration date for this week. So, here are the remaining dates for the in-person registration this week:

#1: WEDNESDAY, February 25th, from 6:30 – 8:30 PM, at the Cadet Center.

#2: SATURDAY, February 28th, from 9 AM – 1 PM, at the Cadet Center.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate! :o)
Melissa Phillips,  MCOSC Director

Registrations Cancelled for today Due to SNOW!

Due to the weather conditions, the school has closed its doors for the weekend.  So, the soccer registrations that were scheduled for today at the Cadet Center have been CANCELLED.  Stay home, stay warm and have fun building a huge ‘snow’ soccer ball.  Send me a picture if you do!!!!!  I’ll post it on Facebook!  :o)
Our next scheduled in-person registration date is next Saturday (weather permitting) at the Cadet Center from 9 AM – 12 PM.  Next Saturday is our LAST day to register for the Spring 2015 season.
You can still sign-up your child today by using our online registration form located at http://millcreeksoccerclub.org/online-registration/If your computer does not allow you to hit the submit button, or you don’t see one, please try saving the online registration form to your computer and then emailing it to us at this email. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Melissa Phillips
MCOSC Director